Act of kindness on flight to Tampa goes viral


Photo credit: Wesley Thomas

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – A touching act of kindness on a flight to Tampa was caught on camera and is now going viral on Twitter.

On Saturday, Wesley Thomas was flying from Dallas to Tampa with his brother, sister-in-law and niece for a family vacation in Florida.

At some point during the flight, Thomas says his young niece started to fuss. 

Another man on the flight noticed what was happening and turned around. Thomas says he and his family thought they were going to be scolded by the man.

Instead, the other passenger asked if the little girl wanted to draw and pulled his tablet out of the overhead bin to give to her.

The man told the Thomas family he has four daughters of his own.

Photo credit: Wesley Thomas

Thomas snapped a few pictures of the sweet interaction and posted them to Twitter on Saturday. They have since been retweeted and liked nearly 400,000 times. 

The tweet also has several hundred responses. One of the people who ended up responding was the daughter of the man seen in the pictures.

The girl, who goes by Morgan on Twitter, says she’s 17 and her dad is 57. She responded saying she and her sisters, who aren’t much older than her, still spend every weekend with their father.

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