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SINGAPORE (THE NEW PAPER) – A video of a group of lower secondary students throwing chairs and tables around in their classroom has been making the rounds on the Internet.

The minute-long video, which was posted on Facebook on Sunday (June 10), has been viewed more than 31,000 times, and shared more than 380 times as of Tuesday.

Netizens, who identified the students to be from Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road), were shocked and angry at the behaviour, which showed them throwing chairs and desks across the classroom and at one another as other classmates tried to leave the room.

Some netizens asked why a teacher was not present to stop them.

In response to queries from The New Paper, the principal, Mr Loo Ming Yaw, said on Tuesday that the school does not condone the students’ actions in the video, and has counselled them and meted out appropriate disciplinary measures.

“The students have expressed regret for their actions,” he added.

TNP understands that the incident happened after school more than a month ago, before the start of the June holidays.

The school authorities found out about the incident after they were alerted to it by a student from the class.


In the video, the students can be seen throwing chairs across the classroom and at one another as others try to leave the class.

A boy then tries to restore order in the classroom by telling his classmates to put the chairs and tables back, but he is shoved aside by one of the students.

Soon after, the remaining students in the class can be seen trying to rearrange the tables and chairs.

In February, a group of Secondary 3 students from Westwood Secondary were filmed punching, kicking and throwing chairs at a classmate.

The video, which was posted on Facebook, also showed the students slapping and raining punches on him.

The school’s principal Abdul Harris Sumardi said that the six students, including the victim, have been counselled, and the school also took “appropriate disciplinary measures”.

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