Chelsea FC Make Public statement On Ukraine “Situation” Without Pointing out Russia Or Roman Abramovich

Chelsea FC published a statement on Situation of Ukraine followed by the country’s invasion by Russia. Chelsea FC owners daughter also stated against Putin. We will bring latest news keep reading on This 24-word message failed to mention Russia or Chelsea’s Russian owner Roman Abramovich. But it was published less than a day after another statement had appeared on in which Abramovich announced […]

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet: Latest Season on Pokemon

Sinc the latest season on Pokemon presents fans are loving its event specially pokemon scarlet and pokemon violet. Complete news and video will be presented just read complete news on Come when the “Pokémon Café Remix” arrives: the ninth generation of Pokémon. Since this morning, Pokémon Presents have announced “Pokémon Scarlet and Violet”, the latest installment of the most […]

Pokemon Generation 8 (Gen 8) Weed Cat is Trending on Twitter

While latest Pokemon is present but Gen 8’s Weed Cat is trending on twitter among the fans. What is reason and how weed cat is taking over the social media, stay with During the last Pokemon Presents, fans watched the next generation of games, Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, for the first time.When new Pokémon Presents were announced on […]

Dangerous Step: North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile to the Japanese sea as Experiment

North Korea resumes test of Ballistic Missiles early Sunday in current critical war situation when Russian invaded Ukraine. Updated with complete news on North Korea resumes test of weapons and in early Sunday they fired Ballistic Missile towards Japan sea. According to source,”It follows the launch launch of an intermediate-range ballistic missile at the end of January, following several […]

Ukraine: Girl Gets Hit While Riding Bike, Video Viral on Social Media

Many videos are coming from Ukraine and gathering attention worldwide. Videos uploaded on Twitter and Facebook depict destruction on Ukrainian streets after Russia started military action in the country. For more news stay with A cyclist came up to have been hit by an explosive in a city in central Ukraine, as social media footage viewed many pictures of […]

World Cup Playoffs: Poland and Sweden Refused to Play with Russia

Poland and Sweden refused to play with Russia in world cup playoffs. For complete news stay till end of this news on Poland’s refusal to play its World Cup qualifier against Russia next month in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine gained wider support when Sweden followed with its own plans to protest to FIFA on Saturday. Polish soccer […]

Russia Invasion on Ukraine and World Reaction

Since Russia attacked on Ukraine every country has their own opinion in accordance with personal interests. From last 24 house there are a lot of news regarding war between Russia and Ukraine, here we will share all topics in this article. Stay updated with Ukrainian troops fight Russian advance on Kyiv: Dozens of people were wounded during the night […]

Utah Jazz and Mitchell set for Matchup With Phoenix Suns

Donovan Mitchell and the Utah Jazz square off against the Phoenix Suns. Mitchell ranks ninth in the NBA averaging 25.9 points per game. The Suns have gone 29-8 against Western Conference teams. Phoenix ranks second in the Western Conference with 36.0 defensive rebounds per game led by Deandre Ayton averaging 7.5. The Jazz have gone 23-12 against Western Conference opponents. […]

Award Winning RuPaul’s Drag Race on VH1 is Back

The award winning RuPaul’s Drag Race series is Back with 14th season on VH1. We are showing you complete news and details of this show as well as current trending name daya the drag racer. stay with What is Daya and Why Trending on Social Media. Daya Betty is the stage name of Trenton Clarke, a drag performer and one of the […]

President Biden Tweets Nominee for United States Supreme Court Justice

In a very recent tweet by US President Mr. Biden Told that Ketanji Brown Jackson is Nominee for United States Supreme Court Justice. For Complete news and Video link Stay with President Biden Said in his Tweet: “I sought a nominee with the strongest credentials, record, character, and dedication to the rule of law. That’s why I’m excited to […]