Yes, actually. #LoveActually



  1. Worst. Film. Ever. And this scene is basically stalking. It’s not romantic. It’s fucking creepy. It’s got adultery, sex tourism, stalking, sexual depression and repression all disguised as love. It’s awful. All the characters are complete areshats. Even the children are super fucking annoying. It’s not romantic. It’s bollocks.

    Although it is Christmassy I guess……

  2. Tess Johnson omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg this is motivating enough to get essays out the way and have a movie night with popcorn and chocolate and our Christmas tree and red wine TESS IM SO EXCITED FOR THIS

  3. Reesha Zahir Nicole Gunawan Ruth Yamoah you all have absolutely no excuse not to have watched this now we are having a girls night and I’ll watch it with you for the 100th time ok thanks bye😊😊


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