“What happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic.” Go on a 360° journey to Greenland, our planet’s ground zero for climate change. Meet the scientists on the frontlines. Stand on a glacier named for the Viking realm of the dead. This is what global warming looks like. (Via CNNVR) More: cnn.com/greenland



  1. I do believe the climate is changing. But I do not believe is increasing the power of the government to “solve” this.

    By giving so much power to so few will corrupt them and take any freedoms we have left. Before you know we are all poor, with no to little choices in our lives of where we live, what we eat, how we move around and what our families can be. All the while the elites we dine on fine china in their marble homes. While we suffer…but hey the water we can’t drink is clean now

  2. Just curious, how it iwas possible for a Viking (Leif Ericsson) to Farm and Raise Cattle on the Shores of Greenland about 1000yrs ago, but can’t Today…because there are Glaciers in the Way?


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