“What am I bid, what am I bid?” CNN filmed undercover footage of a slave auction in Libya, where smugglers sold migrants for as little as $400 each http://cnn.it/2hxLwdu



  1. This is the same exact thing that happened when slaves came to America, the leaders in Africa sold those people, I can’t say there was an invasion, but I can agree that there was negotiation! And Imm black I love my black ppl but I feel this was always the occurrence🤷🏽‍♂️ Sue me!

  2. Now Obama and his cohorts should be happy that they destroyed a very peaceful happy beautiful country by killing a man that has been holding the country’s unity close to his heart now the country is a war zone, the type of punishment that awaits Obama after death is worst than anything you can imagine he will suffer for the rest of his life

  3. Because these ppl still do it DOESN’T expel the Roman Catholic empire from enslaving Europeans as well. The Slavs. Which are now mostly Russians. Slavic speaking nations. This is why Russia and Europe still don’t get along today

  4. There are terrible things happening in Libya..athis is just a small abhorent slice of ALL The human violations going on there….but again, nothing will happen, nothing will change, and people will just go on suffering…It’s a sick, sick, sick, twisted world we live in…

  5. OMG 😲 I can’t believe it is happening in 2017 someone should stop this , human trafficking is still existing around the world but under other nomination in Europe with Eastern Europe girls , in Marroco , in Thailand in South America in USA so please let’s fight together against this barbarian behaves

  6. I think people need to stop crying about the past and try to do some because the same things you complain happened to your ancestors is happening today. You can’t change the past but you can change the future. Human trafficking is real and is happening all over the world. Young men and women sold as sex slave and everyone should be involve.

  7. This is what The Great USA did to Libya. And you do the same to Syria now and where is next ? Your ships and troops are surrounding Korea and they are a threat to the world.
    Have a look at your self and who you vote in.

  8. Why are we always looking at the past, doing the blame game? This is terrible that CNN had to film the selling of human beings instead of finding the right authority or military action to stop this, they should be part of the solution not so eager to make news on people’s lives.

  9. Libya never had slave trades or Africa never had people dies in sea until USA and Nato destroyed that country into war torn and a failed Stat they just go kill kadhafi they profit they oil gaz it’s not that easy. Now state running by militias. It’s sad to see this who need blem USA in France especially they was one head to that operation

  10. Can the rest of the civilized world just look at this and do something by sending troops to take back Libya from the hands of this Demond’s
    instead of just talking about it?
    We’re sick of this people already

  11. We come here and point fingers all we want but the fact of the matter is us humans has lost our humanity some where along the years and it is sad! What makes your life more important than mine what makes your freedom worth more than mine.


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