We need to talk to more subjects. MINDHUNTER Season 2 is coming.



  1. This is a brilliant series, not recognised nearly enough for its depth. However Holden Fords character shared much with Saga from The Bridge (just in case anyone thought I did not notice). A classic regardless.

  2. Fantastic! I loved the first season. More of this type of thing please Netflix. No car chases, fighting, posturing, superheroes, just good understated drama that requires a bit of paying attention.

  3. One of my friend said :”I watched the first 5 episodes and there is no happening in it.” He is the only “this type” man from my friend circles…
    Can’t wait for the second season:)

  4. Yayay! WHEN!

    I’ve been raving about this for ages watched it back to back as soon as it was released! A Netflix star 🌟 of a show…. intelligent 🤓 history dramatised with great acting!

    Can’t wait for Season 2


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