Video of nursing home procession for SC veteran goes viral


A video of a procession for an Upstate veteran that has gone viral has “put tears” in the eyes of those who have seen it and left others emotional.

Laura Dorn shared the video on Thursday of her father’s casket draped with an American flag as it was walked out of the Richard M. Campbell Veterans Nursing Home in Anderson.

Her father – Douglas Timmons, an Air Force veteran – died Feb. 8, after battling Alzheimer’s disease for years, according to Fox Carolina. After he passed, the nursing home held a procession through its hallways – a farewell ceremony – and played “Amazing Grace” and “Taps.”

The video has been shared more than six million times.

“I had no idea that 6 million people would view a video that was meant in the beginning just to be shared with our family,” Dorn told WSPA. “I’ve gotten hundreds of messages from all around the world from people supporting us, and just wanting to give us words of encouragement and thank my father for his service.”

Dorn said that her father would be smiling if he could watch his honorable exit, WSPA reported.

“There are people all over the world whose lives this video of my Dad touched,” she told WSPA. “So it kind of restores faith in humanity and that there is still good out there.”

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