Today we celebrate the king of the world. Happy birthday, Leonardo DiCaprio! Out of his 41 acting credits on IMDb, which are your favorites?



  1. My favourite actor in some of my favourite movies! The Departed, The wolf of Wall Street, Catch me if you can, What’s eating Gilbert Grape, Basketball diaries, Shutter Island, Gangs of New York, Inception and even Titanic!!

  2. HBD Amazing Brilliant Actor Leo -Dicaprio 😍👏 My fav is the Revenant Catch me if u can blood diamond shutter island Inception the wolf off wall street Django.gangs of new york.the departed.titanic

  3. Too many but I recently watched Romeo and Juliet. Compared to Titanic, which came out shortly around the same time, he did a better job in it. But looking at his early work to now, clearly has grown as an actor.

  4. The one where he lectures everyone on the evils of burning fossil fuels and climate change while jet setting around the world on private jets to sit on yachts that burn more fossil fuel in a week than an average person uses in a year.

  5. “Wolf of Wall Street” was the role he should have gotten an Oscar for. “Revenant” was awesome, but he gave the performance of a lifetime in “Wolf”. Funny, I couldn’t stand him a few years ago, now I can’t wait to see his movies.

  6. What a great actor Leonardo DiCaprio is! My favourite movies with him are The Departed and Shutter Island. But his other movies are great too. It is hard to make a choice because he acting so well in the movies.


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