Today, President Donald J. Trump will announce the fate of national monuments in Utah. For some, it could offer hope and new jobs. Others fear their history being wiped out.



  1. This so called president is a disgrace, nothing is safe. Our environment is in real danger. What the hell were people thinking that voted for this moron. Mueller can’t work fast enough.

  2. Trump could care less and knows nothing of the history of Native Americans or even the history of the United States. He will let water and land be used by any corporation which supports him now or will as a result of his decision. Clean air, clean water, land with history mean nothing to him except for their value to him.

  3. As I recall you folks in Utah voted for Donald Trump. Well, now you are on the edge of reaping the harvest of your stupidity. You should have thought before marking that ballot. Hillary wasn’t the best but she was better than Trump on her worst day! Sorry for what happens to you. I hate to see it too. But that’s Trump! You deserve what you get.

  4. Last night a documentary focused on rare dinosaur fossils that have been discovered in this area. If Trump’s directive is allowed to go forward, these priceless fossils will be lost. ISIS is also known for destroying artifacts from our past. Trump a ND ISIS have more in common than first thought.

  5. I’m so sick of reading these stories, we now have a President and administration who is hell bent on making a profit at any cost, the destruction of our country, planet and our strength and respect on the world stage is all happening for the profit of the 1%, and still millions of you and our own government members continue to cheer it on, we are all going to pay for this for generations to come, heartbreaking is no longer a strong enough word to describe what we are experiencing

  6. To what level of stupidity does this extend? We are above this as a people! We need to protect our natural lands and monuments, and WE THE PEOPLE need to respect the land of the indigenous people. This is absurd.

  7. President Trump is going to change the history of Utah and it will make Utah split its votes for the GOP when he reduces the sizes of these national monuments. He may well be reducing the votes for the Republicans.

  8. Well Obama signed something about it before leaving office. So of course Trump must destroy it. That’s the real reason for all this. Don’t fool yourself into believing Trump cares Utah or the environment. Oh and there’s the fact that it’s sacred to some the Native Americans, that’s icing on the cake.

  9. Trump’s monomania with Obama motivates him to do away with anything Obama did as president. It’s as if he’s trying to erase the fact that Obama was ever president, but history will not allow it!


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