Time to reload. Marvel’s The Punisher Season 2 is coming.



  1. Great timing as I’ve literally just finished the last episode. The middle episodes dragged a little but the ending was superb. The bone crunching action and violence was outstanding and Jon Bernthal’s acting was incredible. He’s the best Punisher that’s ever been on screen. Bring on series two!

  2. Considering season one hasn’t long dropped, I can’t see it arriving any time soon. Why don’t you leave off with the teasers till a little closer to release rather than having us hanging on for ages.

  3. If only today’s run of the mill ‘action’ movies were even as good as a single episode (ep10 specifically) of The Punisher. Inventive, twisty-turny plot, heart pounding action, top flight casting. This series has seriously impressed. Can’t WAIT for S2. 👍😎⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  4. A more consistent season 2, please. The sub plot of season 1 with the bombings was better than the revenge story that it should have driven the show. The main plot was too thin to carry that many episodes. Several really boring characters could do with going away as well. That said Bernthal is the man for the role but let him be Punisher rather than Peter the baby sitter 😉 and stop burning the vest!

  5. People complaining the episodes dragged – if the season only had 8 episodes like The Defenders, people would be complaining it wasn’t long enough. The show was perfect for what it was, amazing cast, score, story, violence. Already having season one withdrawals, need some Frankie back already… And Dinah!


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