This strange toilet game might be this year’s best Christmas gift 🚽💦😳

via In The Know



  1. Man, this world has gone completely crazy. They have actually lost their danggone mind. One video made a complete mess in the restroom with thousands of plastic marble balls that expand when they get wet. Another video teaches how to mix pizza ingredients into vanilla ice cream to make the ice cream taste like cheese pizza… And now this…

  2. That is really a great thing to show our children.It is on the same concept game as pie in the face which is really funny.Even though it’s just water in the toilet the whole idea of getting sprayed in the face from a toilet is just gross.

  3. I can see this being a hit with the smaller kids 😂. However my 11 year old granddaughter would be horrified. As long as their having Fun and not hurting anyone I can’t really see what the issue is. Better than shooting elephants like some grown people we all know!! 😬

  4. Oh gosh people are so serious!!!! It’s a GAME, it doesn’t need to be educational.. and I do not know a child who would be unable to separate this game from real life! Kids spend 5 days a week working their bottoms off at school, it’s silly and fun that’s not a bad thing, it’s a great one!

  5. Boy we present our children with the STUPIDEST TOYS …how about something that actually teaches them something. How many kids do you think went home and continually flushed the toilet to see if they could do this like the toy did?


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