This gemstone keeps your cat’s privates…private 🙀

via In The Know



  1. I would hate to be the person that has to clean that gem when the cat did decide to go to the bathroom. Somehow I do not think they thought that far ahead. I suppose you could follow your cat around all day and manually move it.

  2. 1. I thought everyone loved a chocolate starfish in their face every now and again? 2. what happens when the cat has to take a dump? 3. .0002% of cats would tolerate this which brings me to 4. is this for real or an early april fools day prank?

  3. To think that for millennia bare-arsed cats have wondered what was missing from their anatomy and finally they have the answer – a butt covering because 21st century humanity thinks a cat’s butt should be covered. Good luck putting that on my cats…LOL

  4. This is so dumb. Cats have buttholes. So what? If you can’t deal with seeing your cats balloon knot, don’t get a cat. Or dog for that matter. It’s pointless to get a butt necklace that you have to clean every time they poop.

  5. Ahahahah people will make anything to make a buck ahahahah. Stupidist thing I’ve ever heard of. Here’s an idea! How about just don’t look at it!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Krystin Small

  6. This will go right along with the covers they need to wear so others cant see them breast feeding.. FACT- Cats don’t just show one nipple at a time while breastfeeding they like to show them all.. I pray for the children..

  7. I don’t know about you all, but cats are not smart enough to come to you and ask you to remove their “jewel”. Yuk I don’t want to touch it after they get it stuck to their ass! LOL

  8. Are you kidding me? Just when I thought I have seen the dumbest things in the world, they come out with this. So let’s put a gem over my cats ass because it really cares while it licks it Infront of you and your company, then I will following around and lift it out of the way when it shits. People are fucking dumb.
    The person that invented this needs a god damn throat punch

  9. This is NOT for your cat, it’s for the wimps who won’t accept that the real world isn’t always pretty. So your pretty cat has a butthole, that’s reality. And your cat will chew this off ASAP!!!

  10. SERIOUSLY?????? If people can’t think of something else to do with their money, think animal shelters! Every time the cat defecates the back of that little gem——WILL GET NASTY!!!! YUCK!!!!!🤢🤢

  11. As much as cat sphincter annoys me, why does it have to be bejeweled. Remake it in different colours of fur (to match the cat) and you’re on to a winner…

    Also what happens when it takes a dump? #Messy


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