This dog’s howl has created an Inception-style viral video


Filmed by his owner Rodrigo Capuski, Leica was watching a viral video of a dog howling to a scene from children’s film Zootopia in which a dog howls – and lined up her own cry right on queue.

Leica’s howling is like something from Christopher Nolan’s classic sci-fi Inception, but there’s certainly an opportunity for more dogs to be added here.

“It would be awesome if other dogs are added to the chain,” owner Rodrigo told the Press Association. “Leica loves to watch TV, she pays attention to every animal that appears and she also likes games like, soccer, basketball, and other ones with a lot of movement.

“She howls a lot when she hears other dogs doing it.”

Leica, a cross-breed who was rescued and came to Rodrigo’s family two years ago, is quite used to getting attention too.

Rodrigo is a dog photographer and won a prize for a picture of Leica from the Kennel Club’s Dog Photographer of the year competition last year – this picture in fact.

The award winning image

As you can imagine given his job, Rodrigo, from Curitiba, Brazil, has quite the repertoire of pictures of Leica.

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