This Alabama father says Roy Moore called his daughter a pervert for being gay. She later took her life. Here’s what he says about Roy Moore now:



  1. CNN’s final propaganda push will be hot and heavy today.

    It’s amazing how these accusations always magically appear 1 month before elections. Just enough time to try to destroy DNC opponents via a media assault LOLOL.

  2. It should be understood that your love for your child is unconditional and if you cannot accept your child for who they are, trying to fix what isn’t broken, there’s something wrong with you as a parent and as a person.

  3. When your objective is control and maintaining power at any and all cost, principles and morality mean nothing. When you have convinced your base that the mere thought of voting for a Democrat is considered voting for Satan himself, we have gone beyond the principles of democratic governance.

    There are Republicans who pretend they have some moral standard…that they don’t even practice. Other than wrapping themselves in the flag and going to church, there’s nothing that they do that shows moral values. Nothing.

  4. Many of those who vote for people,that makes demeaning remarks about other are lacking complete development in the part of the brain, that permit reality, leaving them with a mass of stupidity and incompetence to make commonsense decisions.

  5. What CNN (Corrupted News Network) won’t mention is that they supported Sexual Predators like Democratic Senators Al Franken Groper, John Conyers and yes, even the Sexual Predator in Chief himself, Bill Clinton. Where the fake news mainstream media attacked those women that were sexually victimized by these Corrupted DNC Politicians that abused their power against these women. Where on the other hand, Roy Moore is presumed innocent before anything and the allegations made against him are frivilous and cast a large doubt that he would be guilty of such non-founded allegations. Yet CNN, along with the other DNC fake news outlets, pull out their torches and pitch forks in a frenzy to lynch the innocent Senatorial Candidate from Alabama without proper due process. Especially at the eve of an election, like always.

  6. Why is this guy trying to blame Moore with his daughters death, this guy was the one giving his daughter mental pain by treating his daughter in a bad way by himself calling her a pervert and trying to change her. He is the one that was to show his love for his daughter. Now trying to make it Political to beat down Roy Moore.


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