This ain’t no etch a sketch! 10 years later and Juno is still the cheese to our macaroni.



  1. It’s really too bad the director is decrying the pro-life message and decided to have a reading of this for PP…does he not realize they would’ve lied about fetal development to her as well as push her to abort? She takes responsibility by trying to make sure this baby will be taken care of. Why is that a hard message to promote?

  2. In highschool our teacher let us bring movies in on Fridays and one girl brought Juno ..this was in history class and of course we had a football coach he got SOOO mad when she said what she brought “no we’re not watching this it’s promoting teenage sex and teen pregnancy” 😂😂 I mean I guess he was right but he didn’t have turn all red😂 after that he even said he wouldn’t let his children watch Nickelodeon …ya so we didn’t end up watching a movie that day lmao

  3. While completing my Twitter account, I asked myself what would be a good username for me aaaand it hit me “the mac to my cheese” cause I love this movie lol sooo BOOM that’s my username now 😂

  4. Love this movie, it is whimsical, the music is unique and fitting, actors roles are well written and acted, it just hits all the right notes for me!
    Go Cody Diablo, Ellen Page, Michael Cera, et al.

  5. I absolutely love this movie. I can watch this again and again and not get tired of it. I have memorised their scripts, downloaded all the songs as well. Sea of love is our wedding song. Juno has a lot of memories for me. ❤ also wore out my first dvd so I just bought another one.

  6. My eldest grandson, on the Autism spectrum, fell in love with the soundtrack at age 3, we listen to it and danced up and down the kitchen until we were dizzy! He is now 13 and into video games and I still listen and dance to it! Magical!
    The Moldy Peaches was Ellen Page’s suggestion when asked for ideas by the director.


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