These smart, self-driving buses are being tested in China: via CNN Tech



  1. oh that’s just great. So the people that do drive the buses will soon be without a job. I just have one question. Who will be able to afford to ride the bus if “robots” are gonna start doing all of our jobs?

  2. I ain’t riding no bus driven by a computer. Worked on computers for 32 years. Computers crash or fail. Which one of you would want to be on a bus going 45 MPH and then the following message is displayed “we have to reboot”. Not me.

  3. They shld not be tested in dat giant human corporation called China. They are among some of d most exploitative country’s on the earth. Really really hate their products. They claim the second biggest economy but to me their economy is just built on corporate greed and wld not be possible without Africa acting like a dumping ground. Pray for d fall of the Chinese dragon. Buying chinese is seen as an insult in Nigeria in particular. It seen as a mockery and most ppl shun their products.


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