There’s no treatment to stop Alzheimer’s disease or slow its progression. Billionaire Bill Gates thinks he can change that.



  1. Love bill gates 💜 Alzheimer’s are killing our family faster than cancer n needs Ppl like bill gates with power to get the smartest ppl to find a solution on even treating the patient before it gets worse or living a longer life 💜💜🙏🏽 hope something good comes out of this.. 15 million out of his own money.. love all what he do n his wife are just beautiful human beings n we need more ppl like them in our world 🌎 thank you 🙏🏽 💜

  2. That very great can Bill gates help Poor countries in Africa but help a person not institutions the institution Keeps money on their pocket that set they get more Rich and population more poor this the problem

  3. So many comments applauding Gates for his “generosity.”

    He’s a blooming billionaire. If he really gave a hoot about people, he wouldn’t overcharge then for necessary software and continue to increase his wealth.


  4. Bill Gates thought he could transform public education, and look what a mess he has made of that…give your money to disaster areas, give your employees a raise, lower the cost of your products. You have more money than sense.

  5. It’s probably not even Alzheimers. If I had to make an intuitive assumption. I’d go with mad cow disease. Same symptoms. Logical in the mass consumption of beef in our society. Never mentioned like it impossible. Not!

  6. Gracias , soy una bióloga y tecnología médica que posee un laboratorio clínico , por años he tratado con cientos de pacientes que padecen esta terrible enfermedad . Los pacientes con esta condición han ido en aumento año tras año y es triste ver que aún con tantos avances en la medicina esta enfermedad neurológica no ha tenido un significativo avance médico en la prevención , detección y su tratamiento . Con hijos y amigos estudiando medicina y carreras en investigación médica los orientó siempre que estudien sobre este mal que es terrible y sumamente doloroso para el paciente, familiares y cuidadores. Gracias Bill Gates por su interés y contribución en tratar de conseguir cualquier avance médico para combatir esta terrible enfermedad .

  7. Thank you Mr. Gates for bankrolling all of this research. I’m from a family where all of my grandparents suffered from this horrible disease and now my father was diagnosed with early on set about 2 years ago at 65 making my mom a caregiver while still at risk herself. I pray that science can find some break through to help


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