There’s an entire egg in this coffee ☕🥚😳

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  1. During WW2 there was a shortage of milk/cream in some European countries and they used egg yolk as a substitute. You can still find it on Europe today. Personally I think it tastes awful.

  2. Folks, the “eggy” taste of the egg is in the egg white and not the yolk. When making French toast and you have 5 eggs, you add 4 whole eggs and 1 yolk to lessen the eggy taste. I would try this if I liked coffee.

  3. Dat was vroeger heel normaal. Mijn schoonvader van 87 is opgegroeid met iedere ochtend zo’n mok koffie met geklopt eitje. Pas wanneer alle mokken voor ieder kind geklopt waren (dat konden ze horen vanuit de hooizolder waar ze sliepen), mochten ze naar beneden komen voor het ontbijt. 🙂

  4. To those who keep mentioning salmonella and the raw egg. Coffee is brewed at around 200*F. That yolk is being cooked while being stirred in the hot coffee. You are not consuming a raw product.

  5. Years ago, my best friends child had allergies to all kinds of things, like her milk, cows milk, formulas, baby foods, goats milk, everything. She had to feed him orange juice with a raw egg in it. SO NASTY. But, what else can you do?

  6. So an egg, chocolate and whipped cream to create a replacement froth than milk????
    No idea how it tastes, but surly it cannot be healthier?
    Myself, I prefer a good coffee bean and water…

  7. Growing up we would take an egg yoke mixed with couple teaspoons of sugar, then add coffee. Everyday before school, it was the best! I haven’t tried that in about 40 yrs now. I might just have to try it tomorrow morning just for old time sakes.


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