There are tantrums, then there are telekinetic tantrums. #StrangerThings



  1. Could you please… Please release next season weekly? I love the show but people binge and spoil it. I love weekly shows and like game of thrones and Westworld you can talk about theories and the episode and no one is ahead of anyone else

  2. Help Netflix! I’ve just sat down to watch the new episode of Jane the virgin and it’s not there! All the episodes of season 4 that have been released so far have disappeared too! I’ve had a notification on my phone to say there’s a new episode too but nothing 😞 the same has happened for once upon a time too 😞

  3. Please release the BluRay sets in the UK! Between eBay scalpers and import charges, owning this show is murder!

    Oh, and if you could also release Sense8 BluRays while you’re at it, that’d be great too!


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