“The tax code is longer than the Bible and not quite as inspirational. It needs to be simplified,” White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said in an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo http://cnn.it/2ABTGGI



  1. Why do they keep bringing her on the show? It’s like reality TV producers trying to create drama for ratings. You know she’s not going to say anything logical but you keep bringing her on the show

  2. Kellyanne is one of those Trump supporters who would defend the president if he shot someone in cold blood on Fifth Ave. You can only expect the party line and nothing but the party line from her.

  3. That interviewer is obnoxious and not very bright! The Republicans should write in. 50% decrease in taxes to the people that pay $0 taxes. That would really screw up the MSM and their Anti Tax cut mentality!

  4. The Bible says give to the poor not the rich. Those are opposing messages. Many Politicians claim to be Christians but do the opposite of Christ teachings, funny how that works.

  5. We know that the trickle down effect doesn’t work plus the CEO’s were asked what would they do with the extra money and they said give it to shareholders. STFU Kellyann you are a liar just like the president. Lie, lie, lie I hope you burn in hell for continuing to lie and deceive hard working Americans.

  6. She is unbelievable. Not sure why CNN bothers interviewing her. Recall that she invented the term “alternate facts,” insulted Chris and CNN, yet benefits from this coverage because it arms her and Fox News with claims of bias. And trying to create an analogy between the length of the tax code and the Bible is laughable, too.

  7. Remember being young and watching cnn every morning before class. We would do a quiz on the news presented and I loved watching your network but now you are so political I can’t watch anymore news reporting is but a faint cry. I miss when news broke cnn would be on the scene live for hours now it’s all about emotions and feelings instead of raw news…i miss you CNN

  8. CNN needs to STOP having this domineering, bullying, lying idiot on air. It is an insult to viewers and if CNN continues giving her a platform for her crap, I am going to stop watching. Giving her airtime validates what she has to say and that is pathetic coming from “the most trusted name in news”.


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