The Supreme Court soon will hear a major religious liberty case involving a Colorado baker who refused to make a cake to celebrate a same-sex couple’s marriage.



  1. Well, we know how this will turn out. The great thing about the Supreme Court is they are supposed to rule on the letter of law not along party lines. This is a slam dunk case and is frightening if lost. If you own a public business you can not discriminate. If this baker is allowed to twist words and win this case expect more business to openly discriminate.

  2. So…. does he refuse to bake wedding cakes for divorcees who are remarrying as well? If he’s only choosing one religious tenant to stand for, and not all of them, he’s simply using ‘religion’ as a cover for his discrimination against homosexuality.

  3. The behavior of the LGBTQ community is disgusting…, nevertheless; I do believe in equality for all citizens…, which should allow citizens to exercise their legal civil rights; however, business owners should have the upper hand in refusing service. What if a ‘ISIS Sympathizer,’ or the ‘Islamic State,’ wanted a ‘Black Flag,’ cake. No effing way…

  4. Businesses don’t get to pick their customers. Can a bridal dress shop say no to black women? Can a catering hall say no to an Irish Italian couple? Can the photographer say no to a second marriage? Would the baker say no to a couple if one was previously married? Discrimination based on your religious beliefs is still discrimination.

  5. A private business should be able to refuse service to anyone for any reason, its no concern of the government.
    If an individual is refused service they can just go somewhere else, its not as if there is a shortage of wedding cakes.

  6. I hope the Supreme Court stands by the The Bakery in this, The gay guys are just depressed people that are out to cause this man grief for their own selfish personal reasons. The correct answer would be find another bakery but it was never about a cake it was about their sick agenda!

  7. This is not live and let live, this is live like me or I’ll take you to court. You just had to find the one small bakery who refuses when nearly all others would. This is their religious belief. You are free to believe and do anything you wish within the law. You guys just need everyone to applaud you along the way. Not everyone has to applaud everyone for their personal choices. Have a wedding cake business strictly for gay weddings. And don’t allow straight people to order from you

  8. Its fair to say that a bussiness owner should have a right to choose who to offer service to or not just as a consumer have a right to choose from which bussines owner he wants get his service from.
    If someone refused to offer service to you, simply take your money move to next shop and never come back to rhat dhop again to buy anything

  9. Oh wow if we want respect, we have to give others respect as well if he does not feel comfortable making them their cake then go somewhere else no big deal he is explaining why, I swear sometimes people forget to see things from a third point of view.. Bye. I’m on the baker side on this onee

  10. 😡😡😡 How about I just make y’all cake without the celebration part… I don’t hate gays and I believe they deserved rights like everyone else. But stop shoving your lifestyle down our throats!!!!

  11. This is not discrimination. He said he’s ok with baking cakes for gay people, but will not make a cake decorated and celebrating a gay wedding because it goes against what he believes marriage is based on his religion and conscience. In what world can we force another person to use their time and talent to do something they don’t believe in? Can a videographer be forced to film pornography even though it’s against his beliefs? You can’t expect everyone to have same beliefs as you. Move on. Find another baker to go to. Tolerance is not saying through law “bake me a cake bigot”. That’s the exact opposite of tolerance.

  12. So what about the bakers right that’s protected under the constitution to have the right to practice you’re religion he didn’t insult them he didn’t say I don’t want you in the store…it was against his belief why should he be punished for that..If gay couples want to be respected then respect other people beliefs to no one is obligated to accept you’re lifestyle just don’t cry wolf when you’re doing the same thing and discriminate against people’s religion and what he politely declined to make you’re cake …go somewhere else it’s not the end of the world he was entitled to his opinion just like everyone else…

  13. At 2:08 he blew on the cake for some reason. At a culinarian for 25 years I know that is not acceptable. Local Health Department should look into his food safety practices, because it is not just gross, but it is against health codes for food safety reasons.

  14. As a business owner the law says you do not have the right to refuse services you normally provide to someone based upon you personal beliefs. In order to obtain a business license you have to agree to abide by this law. It seems a lot of people on this thread don’t understand that.

  15. If NFL players have the right to protest against the whole country by not standing for the anthem, then there should be no problem with a baker refusing to make a cake for something they don’t agree with. I guess for libtards the whole freedom to do what you want only applies when it’s in their favor.

  16. Hes using his religion to justify discrimination, sorry folks it doesn’t work that way for businesses open to the public! For a church, absolutely they should be able to do whatever they want to do. I cant believe so many of you are advocating for the Baker in this case, Do you know what a slippery slope that represents? Maybe some of you have not been the victim of discrimination and don’t get it but sadly maybe one day you will.

  17. Just like the bakery could not legally turn away a black or interracial couple from his business based on a religious opposition to their skin color, which was a thing that could happen merely fifty years ago, then this bakery cannot turn away a gay couple based solely on a religious opposition towards people loving another person of the same gender. Cut and dry if you ask me.

  18. Instead of being mad at the gay couple for trying to exercise their civil rights. We should be more offended by these so called Christians. They want to use the bible to justify their hatred. Meanwhile the bible strictly prohibits the judgement of one another. Judgement is suppose to be reserved for one being and one being alone.

    “Let he with out sin cast the first stone.”

  19. Its a private business he has all the right to refuse!! He think’s it’s against his faith what’s wrong with that? That’s the problem with these LGBT , they think their right has to be respected , what about the owner’s right??? I applaud his strong faith!


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