“The Sound Of Music” only tells part of the von Trapp family story. After settling in Vermont, they opened a lodge that’s still around today. http://cnn.it/2z2k6Ej via CNN Travel



  1. This was near the motel my husband and I owned and I skied many a time on their cross country trails. Beautiful Vermont will always be the best place I have ever lived. Maria sang in the local church choir until she passed. We were living there when she did. Tiffany King Bartholomew and Robert King we need to do a road thrip there to see the motel and area again. ♥️

  2. When I was young our family took a family vacation in Vermont.
    We took our dog with us.
    We went to visit their Lodge and took our dog with us.
    We were walking around when 2 large dogs charged at ours.
    Our dog flew into my dads arms.
    This sweet older lady came over to us to apologize.
    She sweetly told my dad that dogs weren’t allowed there but don’t worry and please don’t rush to leave.
    She introduced herself as Mrs Von Trapp.


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