The countdown to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding is officially on.



  1. It’s wonderful. In the 1970s the queen would not give her sister her ok and support to marry the love of her life, Captain Peter Townsend. She lived a very unhappy life turned to alcohol. Her uncle had to abdicate his very short reign of a few days., because he would not give up the love of his life,Wallace Simpson (American divorcee). He lived in exile in France making very few trips back to England. I commend the queen at 91 years of age for moving with the times.

  2. There are women who were/are born with a lucky streads on their palms. No matter who they are in life. Sickening to keep seeing this news honestly whether twitter, Instagram and even in Linkedin site their event has mentioned. I wish that after today until their wedding day, newsprints/bloggers will stop this story. I qlready unfollowed so many newsite due to their refraining news anyway to the couple congratulations

  3. Congrats but is it a joke when she said she didnt know much about him 😂😂😂😂 cmon… And these are the kind of friends people need the ones that hook you up with good looking princesses and stuff… You need to keep that friend 😂😂😂. She set you for life 😂😂😂.


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