Texas church shooter’s ex-wife: “He just had a lot of demons or hatred inside of him.” http://cnn.it/2yTwBlj



  1. He didn’t have demons in him, he had a psychological problem and the Air Force screwed up on not profiling him correctly. Had they profiled this idiot right he would have come up in the system on the no-buy list.

  2. When an atheist starts talking about “demons” you know it’s complete garbage and they’re trying to rebuild their image and gain acceptance from those they hate because there’s consequences to your inactions

  3. Weve given yall the responsibility of gun ownership and time and time again yall proven YOU CANT HANDLE IT. little boys whove NEVER SERVED playing army because loud booms makes yall feel like big men inside…

  4. it’s high time for the US government not only to detect and surveillance any suspicious individuals but also with individual who hqve mental illness or psychosis. anybody who have suffered domestic violence must report immediately to the local police or local health care to monitor that person. if he has the tendency to become violent without provocation.

  5. Well, it’s good to know that the 2nd Amendment doesn’t discriminate against those with Demons & Hatred in their blood.

    It f**kin blows my mind that we live by a law written 226 years ago. I am 1000% certain that our Founding Fathers never envisioned the $hit that’s occurring today.

  6. We already knew this man was evil but what I take issue with is that you refuse to say he murdered 26 people not 25 and a fetus. When will people understand that things will only get worse the longer you keep devaluing life.

  7. This man had an anger problem . He was a hateful devil !! That the church his ex in laws went too . Hes know different then these men that beat their wives and shoot up their families! Domestic violence!! Seem like to me . He was upset that he got kick out the military ! Spent a year in prison!!

  8. Make your government and gun maker responsible and accountable for the gun violence guns supposed to keep us safe not to use against our neighbours and Steal future of our families


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