Since news broke Wednesday that Matt Lauer was fired from NBC News for “inappropriate sexual behavior,” the hosts of his former show are still trying to process the firing of a colleague.



  1. I’m disappointed in the NBC staff for being more concerned for Matt than for the women he hurt. I know he was a friend and they didn’t see that side of him BUT when the stories held up they should have changed their language quickly. They keep saying they need to “process” ARE THEY ALL BRAIN DEAD???? PROCESS! HE IS A PREDATOR !

  2. I hope he save some of his 25 million because he is going to need it .Poor Billy Bush who only shared in a conversation with the idiot Trump was fired and still doesn’t have work .

  3. And yea yea yea so she read a letter of apology that his publicist or someone wrote for him to do damage control. He is only sorry he lost his job and got caught. Now he is unemployable for life.

  4. The women on the today show need to stop being so emotional about this piece of crap man..he finally got caught pretty sure he has been doing it for years! And these chicks wanna cry him a river! Boo hoo!

  5. funny that.. women news readers, reading the news about a male colleague who used inappropriate sexual behaviour towards their women colleagues in a very sympathetic tone..Now that’s scary.

  6. Suggest all the fired guys…Harvey Weinstein, Bill O’reilly, Matt Laura, Dan Rather, Charlie Rose, Garrison Keebler, get together and start their own network. They could call it Macho TV. Or some such.


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