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KUALA LUMPUR: A video of an altercation following an accident has gone viral on social media.

The two-minute video starts with the victim parked in front of a shoplot when another car makes a U-turn and hits the victim’s car. The victim gives chase and horns repeatedly.

The video then cuts to what looks like a flyover where the Proton car stops at a traffic light and the victim gets out to check the damage to his vehicle.

It is then that a passenger from the Proton alights and grabs an object from the driver’s side of the car and charges at the victim.

A scuffle ensues out of view of the dashcam.

Facebook user Jimmy Soo posted the video with a caption describing the incident.

“The incident happened on Feb 10 at around 1.18pm while I was waiting in front of a shop at Kuchai Avenue,” he claimed in the post.

He added that they pursued the car for about 400m before they came to a stop at the junction.

“My brother went to inspect the damage when one of the passengers got out walked towards the driver’s side before he started charging at my brother.

“My brother fell on his side and was stabbed by the attacker. I was not spared. The attacker came around throwing punches while I attempted to reason with him,” he claimed in the post.

He also posted photos of his brother’s stab wound to the thigh and the bruises to his face in the post as well as a police report.

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