Puerto Rico says the hurricane killed 55 people, but funeral homes claim the storm caused nine times that many deaths. We went there to investigate http://cnn.it/2A0u869



  1. I’ve said all along, it’s culpable manslaughter and the Governor enabled that by failing to acknowledge how serious things were and fawning to Trump, affecting so much. They reckon the death toll will exceed 1000 and much of that blood is on their hands.

  2. It looks like the state government of Puerto Rico is non functional where such statistics are lacking?? When you blame the irresponsible state government the libtards say blame the hurricane but then when Puerto Ricans are in dire straits blame it on Trump??

  3. Lies. I live here and this is not true. Less than 30 people died the week of the storm due to storm related injury and sickness. What happens a week after the storm you can’t blame on the storm. I bet the POS mayor of San Juan is still blaming deaths on the hurricane 2 months later.

  4. We never know the accurate amount of deaths. I guess they cover up numbers to prevent public outrage. It could be hundreds of deaths. They will just tell victims family, your deceased family member is one of the 55. Smh. You will never know unless victims family members report to one place or site.

  5. Lo que paso en Puerto Rico ha sido lo peor, la isla está en las perores condiciones. La gente que hacen comentarios negativos no merece haber nacido en Puerto Rico. Defienden haber votado por él, pero presidenta en historia. Ser puertorriqueño es ser como una familia que se ayuda y se defiende. Compartan mi comemtario y que se offendan los que lo dicen ser Puertorriquenos. Soy Puertorriquenos primero que todo…

  6. I LIVE IN PUERTO RICO. Only in the west side of OUR island, PUERTO RICO, the west region for Registro Demográfico office confirmed MORE than a HUNDRED deaths DIECTLY RELATED to Hurricane Maria. 7 days after Maria, more than a 100 confirmed bodies ONLY in the west side… OFFICIALLY confirmed by the funeral agencies and the Demographic Registry… The sum is more than 499 up to date…

  7. Luke 21 verse 25 to 26 And they will be signs in the sun and the moon stars, and distress of nations in perplexity because of the roaring of the sea and the waves, people fainting with fear and foreboding of what is coming on the world. For the power of heavens will be shaken ….

    And now because of fear scientist have come with this thing called “climate change” because they don’t know what’s happening they are used by the devil to scare people…they have various hoaxes wich they are claiming to like its real…… The Bible never scares us it gives us hope and warn us about things that are happening and what are about to happen God never lie ……believe in Jesus christ and you will be saved

  8. Hopefully there is not another hurricane,but if their is surely I would hope the local government will be way more prepared this time ,I mean let’s face it geographically it’s bound to happen again!instead of blaming our president that was helping but once again the public was lied to by the media.

  9. Puerto Rico wasn’t very rich and probably had a lot of poor ran down buildings and a poorly ran Govt. It’s not Trumps fault, he’s been President for 1 year. 0bama was pres for 8 years! What did he do to improve Puerto Rico? 0bama didn’t build not one school or bridge in America when it’s pretty much what he ran on both times. Clinton Foundation took nearly 1 billion to build in Haiti and it never happened? Where is that 1 billion? Why do politicians lie so much?

  10. This was my point, that we lost a family member due to the stress and the inhabitable situation that the storm left the country. It is sad that because it didn’t happen during Hurricane doesn’t mean that the effects of the destruction left by the hurricane have not impacted those who did survive that one day.

  11. Well I mean idk man so what do they want ? I don’t understand why they would keep talking about this , tragedies happen all the time,this is sad, but when they ask for 66 billion or million dollars to back up their government which was in debt forever ,I mean no sorry I’m pretty sure we have to get everything fixed in the states before we hand off that load of money haha things take time and we have been hit by hurricanes as well don’t put all the blame on us,take Puerto Rico out of the states


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