President Donald J. Trump’s secretary of the Treasury says most people in the middle class will get tax break under the Republican plan brewing in Congress



  1. He’s right considering Paul Ryan’s definition of “middle class” is someone making around $450,000 a year 🙄 For the rest of us, maybe they will give each of us our own trashcan bonfire barrel!

  2. We asked Secretary Mnuchin what he thought of the Republican tax plan. He told our lie detector that he thought lots of middle class families would get a tax break. Our lie detector determined that was a lie.

  3. Minuchin saying “the majority of the middle class gets a tax break” is like casinos claiming a high payout rate. Winning pennies while you lose dollars is the fuller picture both seem to omit…

  4. Why would anyone believe a word he says?? He was responsible for giving out fake loans and causing millions of people for losing their homes and life savings, yet he wants to make you believe this is a bill for the middle class buy giving a HUGE tax cut to corporations because he knows trickle down works! He’s the slime at the bottom of the swamp. Period.

  5. Mnuchin is a BS artist just like don the con. They are trying to pass this this joke of bill in the middle of the night because they know that people are going to raise up against it just as we did with the health care bill.

  6. He is not lying you will get a tax break. BUT. You will be paying tax on more income. Listen to what he is saying not what you think it means. You pay tax on you taxable income. If you are paying tax on all of your income even at a lower rate it will be more money than if you had deductions. Your tax rate may go from 28 percent to 25 percent…lower taxes..but you are paying tax on everything!

  7. $1000 tax cut? Wtf is wrong with this maniac. This guy is looking for millions in tax cuts for himself, yet he thinks my family only needs $1000 or to possibly pay more? These people are sick, and we need to protect ourselves with real legislators.

  8. There is no need to argue over this. Get your last year’s tax return and use the proposed numbers from this bill and find out what it means for your taxes. I did mine and my taxes will be higher. My adjusted gross income is less than 65 thousand, so I guess that is considered middle class and my taxes would go up. So it does not help me at all. Would like to hear from others.

  9. but the single people making under 25K a year will pay more in taxes then ever before, most people don’t make 300K a year, let along a family of 4 making that same 300K it’s more like 70K for a family of 4 and 2 incomes these are the people that’s going to pay more and loose what they had if they were living paycheck to paycheck, this won’t help them, it’s for a family of 4 making 200K plus a year,

  10. He is lying because his lips are moving and nothing else on his face is. It took a lot of Botox just to be able to spout this.

    What he really meant is the plan removes all tax cuts to the middle class. But we can’t read the fine print until the bill is passed.

  11. Says the dude using taxpayers money chartering government jet to go watch the eclipse with his wife🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄, Tom Price resigned over the same thing, wondering why Mnuchin didn’t

  12. The reporter only wanted the negative not reality
    100% of the people will not all get tax relief..
    90% will
    Circumstances are such that in todays,tax world. Some folks use the code to their advantage, others can’t and don t..
    The new proposed code levels the playing field for ALL

  13. So creepy. He has his, to hell with you. He wants more. You don’t deserve more. Their proposal will make little difference to the majority of the citizens. Plus, their proposal adds 1.5 TRILLION to the debt, which they skim off and stuff in their underpants. Their pockets are already full. Call your reps everyday! No to this abomination.

  14. If the middle class gets a tax break, who’s going to pay the bills? What programs for the needy will be cut? What tax breaks for Trump & co. and other rich people and corporations will be increased or ended?

  15. Cutting medical deductions for low/fixed income seniors just shows how low these scumbags will go to fill the pockets of those that already have more than they will ever need. This tax plan is a scam for the rich.

  16. Will there be some in the .01% that will be paying more? This is just a way to appease the rich and big business. Starve the government, heap a load of debt to the next generations, and benefit the ownership class.

  17. Instead of this tax scam just straight out lower taxes for ALL middle class and cut out the phony ‘freebees to the wealthy who will supposedly create jobs’ middleman nonsense. Oh yeah, Republicans can’t govern, just obstruct.


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