President Donald J. Trump’s “Pocahontas” comment “doesn’t belong in the room when our war heroes are being honored… I thought it was uncalled for,” Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye said



  1. Respect for the ceremony is important! Politics in any sense shouldn’t have been a part of the agenda. It’s not all about Donald Trump and his agenda of childish tantrums and bullying people to enforce his terroristic tax reform!

  2. I find the line after more offensive. “but you know what, I like you” that line to me is more offensive because it says I don’t like you lot.. But I make an exception for you!(you know like being the token brown or black guy) Not to mention being stood in front of Andrew Jackson.. This man is ridiculous… Offensive and a total disaster

  3. Donald Trump can make a mess out of anything and whats even scarier is he dont c any harm n it. He thinks its a joke, all 1 big joke, but the only joke is orange face and his lying administration! CAN HE DO ANYTHING RIGHT???!!!!

  4. The Republicans in office love him not because he has wisdom or dignity or any quality at all.. no they love him because he keeps the sheep entertained while they plan the biggest theft of taxpayers money in the history of this country

  5. Trump and his “TRAIL OF IDIOTS” are a disgrace and he proves daily that having money does not mean you have class, honor, and dignity. America was embarrassed for the “yugely” millionth time.

  6. I was embarrassed for those war heroes. Donald Trump has no filter or class and used every opportunity in front of the press to degrade anyone who opposes him.. in my opinion that is very cowardly. He can’t even do a ceremony to honor war heroes without serving up someones head! lol Trump roast!

  7. He held the ceremony in front of a picture of Andrew Jackson, the person responsible for the deaths of many Native Americans because of his Indian Relocation Act. Disgusting, inconsiderate POS.

  8. Agree! Still disgusted at how those men were disrespected yesterday! That event was no place for any sort of jab, political fighting or anything else. Keep it out of there. Focus should have solely been on honoring those WWII veterans!! Completely uncalled for!!!

  9. President Trump defended Native Americans by calling out Warren who claimed she was part Indian to further her career. Her selfish action meant an actual minority was deprived of the spot she took.

  10. Elizabeth Warren has always said her grandparents and parents told her, as part their family history, that her mother’s family had Cherokee and Delaware heritage. A genealogist suggested she was 1/32 Native American. So, She didn’t lie. Maybe her family exaggerated the ties and she continued the story-line. Seriously. Trump is the biggest liar I’ve ever seen in political office. Nope, I did not vote for Obama, I voted Republican. Trump is an affront to people with common sense and principles.

  11. Awww…People are upset that Trump called Pocahontas, err I mean Elizabeth Warren a WORD by jovially referencing the blatant lie she told as means of advancing her own career for personal and professional gain; but no one is as upset about it as Pocahontas herself. I wonder; who is the more offensive person, the person who lies and USES an ethnicity in the interest of personal gain, or the person who calls that liar a cartoon character? 🤔…Hmmm…🤔…

  12. This is not a liberal attack on Trump. The man is undignified, rude, inappropriate and an embarrassment to this nation. It should not matter which political ideology you resonate with. One should be able to clearly recognize his behavior as completely inappropriate; not only inappropriate for the position he holds, but as a human being.


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