Photo of woman eating mayonnaise from jar sends Twitter crazy


A WOMAN has created quite a stir on social media for eating what appears to be a spoonful of mayonnaise at a basketball game.

In a video that has gone viral on Twitter, a spectator at the Detroit Pistons verse Sacramento Kings game Monday night was spotted on the jumbotron holding up a jar of Best Food’s mayonnaise and indulging in a heaping spoonful of the condiment. The woman then offers her friend a taste, who takes a (slightly smaller) bite.

ESPN tweeted the Fox Sports broadcast, which has over 2,600 likes, with the cheeky caption, “You know, there’s food you can put that on.”

The two Kings fans seemed to enjoy their evening condiment snack, but the Twittersphere has shared a different opinion.

One Twitter user graphically claimed, “I just about threw up.”

However, there are quite a few on social media who don’t believe the women were actually eating mayonnaise.

“Its most likely just vanilla pudding ive seen many people do this as a joke,” one user hypothesised.

Though the fan has not confirmed whether or not it was actually mayonnaise in that jar, she wouldn’t be the first to snack on the dressing during a sports event.

Last year, a Belmont Bruins fan named Graham went viral for shovelling tablespoons of mayo into his mouth right behind the commentators. People reacted similarly by questioning what was actually in the jar.

Graham settled the debate on Twitter by showing him eating mayonnaise straight from an unopened packet.

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