Pee Wee Pumps are high heel shoes for infants

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  1. So ya know how people everywhere are talking about how moms are allowing their kids to dress skankier and skankier at younger and younger ages, until they’re little harlots and popping out their second kid by senior year? People might just think it’s ‘cute’ because it’s a baby, but this is where the mentality starts that it’s okay to dress kids like mini adults. Your kids, your choice, I’m not the one that’s going to have to deal with the outcome.. But that’s a harsh reality. I don’t see a reason for these one bit other than your aesthetic pleasure.

  2. I certainly don’t see the need for them,but for goodness sake lighten up. Babies of this age are certainly not going to walk in them, so they’re not going to hurt them. It’s all for show.

  3. They are babies! They aren’t walking so they can’t twist an ankle and they don’t know what’s on their feet so it’s not turning them into sluts! Damn people take everything so serious! It’s a dress up thing more for momma than the baby. I highly doubt there’s lasting damage from a baby wearing them

  4. Holy crap people. It’s literally a flat baby shoe, with a soft flexible thing sticking out of it to look like a heel. It’s something silly. It’s not actually bending the baby’s foot like an actual high heel. The kids won’t actually walk on it.
    It’s really not that serious.

  5. I have to agree with the ones that do not think it is a good idea, for more than one reason.keep your babies little, they grow up too fast. Keep your young children young, they grow up way to fast. Don’t forget your children need a parent, not a friend. They have friends their own age.

  6. How about hell to the no. For one, pediatricians recommend that you don’t put shoes on your baby’s feet until they’re walking; for two, why are we normalizing stuff like this?! They’re babies, for cripe’s sake!

  7. Love them!

    They are a slipper with a soft “heel”. Cute patterns. They’re not made for walking or support, rather for show. For dress up.

    Reading the comments… I’m baffled. Putting these cute slippers on your baby’s feet is not going to damage or corrupt the babies for life. The babies are not going to be little ‘tarts’ as they grow up. And the parent is not a bad parent if they put these cute slippers on their baby. I do not see this as sexualizing the baby. That’s just wrong for you to say or think. When my daughter was an infant, she was given a bikini. I put it on her for our little pool. Did she grow up to be an exhibitionist? NO! Both of my daughters (15 & 21) are extremely modest. That’s how they were raised.

    Some of you need to lighten up, step down from that soapbox and stop accusing parents of being sinister or bad because they choose to put decorative slippers on their baby daughter’s feet! There are more important and productive issues to get worked up about.

  8. whatever you do, please make sure you push your child into adulthood before they have even started walking!!! If people spent more time letting their children be children and taught them right from wrong as they went along and put NO pressure to be a certain someone then we might have the next generation made up of thoughtful, respectful, balanced adults instead of the current me-me-me bunch of selfish, self-centered brats!

  9. Ugly, disgusting, and totally sexualizing baby girls…I see no humor in this, especially when little babies and young girls are getting molested, sold into sex slavery, etc daily…people who find this funny or cute, I feel sorry for your daughters…

  10. Wow. Did any of y’all getting all worked up unnecessarily at this even watch the whole video? 😂 literally it’s a baby shoe sock thingy that’s flexible and comfortable for a baby. Anyone even thinking this is “sexualizing” are the real pedophiles and phew at the women… y’all better not make me creep on your profiles and see your damn boobies hanging out of your shirt or you wearing skinny jeans or leggings cuz they’re “sexualizing the female body with its skin tightyness” FYI. Jesus Mary and Joseph 😂😂 it’s so cute and I’ll be getting one for my future daughter. Sticks out of the asses please.

  11. What in the Hell is the World coming to? Babies in heels? Horrible. I didn’t put any shoes on my baby boys until they actually took to their feet and were walking. Their little feet need freedom to develop. Heels are for adults. Barefoot is best and let babies be babies. x


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