NYC explosion: A man who is now in custody was wearing a homemade device that either did not detonate according to plan or malfunctioned, according to an NYPD source.

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  1. In Europe we had many many terrorist attacks on our people. Unfortunately it has started in the USA too. The only solution is hanging the terrorists after hard labour in a work camp for a few years.

  2. This is what President Trump is trying to protect us from, but no, the crazy left and our corrupt judicial system wants to resist this man at everything he’s trying to do. People need to wake up, we are at war with barbarians that hate our way of life.

  3. hope there are no severe injuries…. the only answer we’re waiting for is now: who did it and why … or was it, as the smart CNN Police Reporter reported “unintenionally”, maybe an accident 😉

  4. Some are not hearing he is from Bangladesh and a pipe bomb did go off but the vest did not and this is what Trump has been trying to Mr. Omar Carrington the president has been trying to keep us safe by not letting anymore lunatics into the country.

  5. Folks, DON’T speculate on the cause, watching the local news here in NJ/NY there has been NO comment on terrorism or a local nut job. Great job was done by the NYPD, FDNY and EMS in their response and evacuations of the port authority bus terminal, it’s reported as a pipe bomb with 1 injury the nutjob himself, also listening to the FDNY scanner and the scene has been secured at this time and labeled as a low level explosion

  6. The only terrorist story you should ever report on- the ones where they harm only themselves. Seriously, stop giving these lunatics so much media coverage. They feed off of it and it only encourages the next idiot to act.

  7. What a bunch of morons at CNN what do they have on. Hit peace on TRUMP about his eating and TV watching habits. Morons know wonder your ratings are dropping like a rock. NEWS NEWS not this crap that doesn’t mean anything.

  8. I forgot what bullshit post it was from you dirt balls, (something condemning a speech or policy by Trump on a measure to stop this, like you do everyday) but I believe there was countdown clock started until the next terror attack. Guess it didn’t take too long assholes.

  9. The thing I see that is a bit disconcerting ( besides the actual exp;onion ) is the clusters of policemen that have responded to the incident. I think there should be a protocol that they should be spread apart to avoid the possibility of a secondary attack on the persons of the men in blue.


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