Not a Padmaavat open letter reaction, Swara Bhaskar’s ‘I love being in limelight’ is a prank gone viral


Swara Bhasker’s open letter to Sanjay Leela Bhansali about the scene portraying jauhar in Padmaavat was supported by few, and trolled by many. Her tweet about loving the limelight only increased the enthusiasm of trolls and cyber space abusers. On Tuesday, the Anaarkali of Arrah actor tweeted, “I like to be in the limelight and so I create controversy. PS I hate Balraj.” She tagged the stand-up comedian who is now a part of the show, Entertainment Ki Raat, Balraj Syal.

We then saw Raghu Ram, who is also a part of the show, tweet, “Hahaha! What a sport @ReallySwara! Respect #EntertainmentKiRaat.”

Many did not understand the context of Swara Bhasker’s tweet and trolled her for it until she addressed the misunderstanding. She wrote, “Chill guys! There is a context to it and it’s funny.. ask @tweetfromRaghu #EntertainmentKiRaat I told u guys u’d get me into trouble.”

Raghu then replied, “Oh god! This #EntertainmentKiRaat prank ended up pranking so many ppl on twitter! Haha! Wait till the episode airs this weekend.”

The actor was dared to post this on Twitter as a prank, but it went viral and received nasty comments too. From trolls pointing fingers at her for being a hypocrite, small-minded, insensitive to being called publicity hungry, she received a lot of hatred for the tweet.

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