Logan Paul Says It’s ‘Ironic’ That People Are Telling Him To Kill Himself


YouTuber Logan Paul has been on a path to redemption ever since he posted a video to close out 2017. It consisted of him and his buddies wandering into a forest in Japan that was known for people committing suicide and reacted badly when they came across a dead body.

He has since apologised and also produced a video about suicide in which he spoke to victims and their families about the topic. When the video went viral – he copped criticism from people around the world.

But the 22-year-old viral star has revealed on Good Morning America that people on social media have also been telling him to kill himself.

He said: “It’s been tough, because ironically, I’m being told to commit suicide myself. Millions of people literally, telling me they hate me, to go die in a fire. The most horrible, horrific things.”

When Michael Strahan asked whether Paul thought the criticism against him was fair, the YouTuber said: “Ah, that’s the thing – I do.”

The ‘Suicide Forest’ video was taken down by YouTube shortly after criticism surfaced.

With 16 million subscribers, which is still going up despite this incident, he has an incredible reach to people who might not know much about suicide – and that video was a pretty poor introduction.

Logan said parents need to be more wary of what their kids are looking at on the internet, adding: “I’m going to be honest… I think parents should be monitoring what their children are watching more.

“Every parent I meet whose kids are under nine or an age of, like, 12, I go, ‘Hey, you let your kids watch my stuff?’ and they go, ‘Yeah, what am I going to do?’.”

Logan Paul
Logan Paul

“Sometimes I cuss. Sometimes I make inappropriate jokes. I want to make jokes that kids my age are going to like.

“Now I will say I’m much more aware of the impact that my actions have on myself and others.”

While he would probably love to forget he even considered releasing a video so tone deaf and inconsiderate, other people seem to want to capitalise on the scandal.

Someone even thought it would be cool or funny to make a video game inspired by that footage on the Xbox Creators Program.

TT Games’ global community manager, Bear Parker, was one of the first to see the game on the platform and other footage has been uploaded to social media to of people playing the game.

Users get to play as Logan Paul and you get to wander through the Aokigahara (the Japanese forest where Paul’s video was filmed) looking for people who have suicided.

Thankfully, according to Polygon, the game has been removed from Microsoft’s catalogue, with the company telling the news site: “This content violates our Store policies and we have removed it.”

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