Last week’s dramatic defection by a North Korean soldier has been described as a “suicide mission.” CNN’s Anna Coren and her team tracked down another North Korean defector who spent 10 years as a soldier on the DMZ and knows only too well what this young soldier has been through



  1. Glad the guy made it, but really if our country and theirs go at it were they going to run to then? Because the South will be the first of the targets to get obliterated. If there was just somebody in the north that could take that sucker out themselves from the inside that would be one fish the troops wouldn’t have to fry.

  2. One scary thing I don’t think people are talking about is that when the North Koreans were firing across the border, war could have easily started back up again right then and there just like that with all the increased tensions.

    Especially when the North Korean soldier crossed into South Korea chasing the defector…Things could have easily spun out of control.

  3. It’s very hard to imagine how difficult it must be to even try to defect from such a totalitarian state as N.K. For every successful defector there are probably 1000 who are thinking about or planning it. It proves that there are more ways than one to help to bring about a regime change.

  4. This soldier has carried out a great mission to not only escape himself from such a terrible country but also given a big lesson to his people that they must find a way to save or change their lives. I bet that poor North Korea people would not know about this great story or they would know it according to the compilation of K.J.Un.


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