JUST IN: NBC News has fired longtime anchor Matt Lauer after an employee complaint about “inappropriate sexual behavior.” Here’s the moment it was announced this morning on the Today Show: http://cnn.it/2AlNJOb



  1. They been accusing our great President as being a sexual predator, but so far, for the past couple of weeks, the sexual predators have been exposed on the left. This is what happens when you point one finger, you have three pointing back at you.

  2. CNN is fake News
    He wasn’t terminated for a complaint that was filed…..he was terminated for what they found after the complaint was filed.
    NBC wouldn’t fire their highest paid teleprompter reader without evidence

  3. Can someone please explain to me why Matt Lauer is instantly fired but our president @realDonaldTrump is allowed to continue as a Representative of our country after his many indiscretions and accusers and grab them by their pu**y remarks

  4. Companies have policy’s regarding sexual harassment and if anyone brakes those rules that’s grounds for termination! However, prior to terminating the employee the company will do a thorough investigation. End of story!!!

    These perverts think they can get away with treating women like there sex toys.

    Everyone in Congress and including the disgusting POS 45 should be removed from office as well for any sexual harassments claims!

  5. Yeah one of NBC’s executives got a call from a girl who said Matt touched her so 5 minutes later he calls Matt and fires him. Get a brain people they’ve probably known about this for a while and have been investigating it and it turns out he did it.

  6. I will say it again, innocent until proven guilty, an accusation should not get you fired. Anyway if the accusations are true they are probably blown out of proportion by women looking for a quick buck. I have spoken to a few female friends of mine, and they say they dont believe these women at all.

  7. Don’t take this comment the wrong way, I think it is appropriate that people who harass others with inappropriate behaviour should and must pay the price, if the allegations are substantiated. What isn’t clear these days is the difference between how those in the media are immediately punished and considered guilty, while the gropper in chief is elected POTUS even after 13 women accuse him of “inappropriate behaviour” and he is himself on tape talking about “grabbing them by the p–sy”. Why is he not held to the same standards as the media people? There is something seriously wrong with the fact that “billionaires” can get away with crimes and actions of this sort, while ordinary citizens must immediately be fired. All should be held to the same rules.

  8. I can’t figure this all out, suddenly all of these terminations occur and all up in arms, I’m NOT saying these actions done are acceptable by any means but I just wonder how many of these victims voted for a man with video recordings of him expressing his thoughts about how he can seduce a woman, grab them, touch them and even would take a tic tac to freshen his breath before his kisses! Just keep all of this in mind please.

  9. Innocent until proven guilty .. what is going on .. at least give him a chance to prove his innocence
    Not just fire him ……. enough .. it’s getting out of hand … happy I am a woman .. not easy to be a man these days

  10. In the long run, this will hurt working women as men begin to put up walls and avoid their female coworkers altogether.
    They will no longer be a part of the team but a potential threat to their employment.

    Because all it takes is an “accusation” to get fired.
    Nothing is based on prof and facts anymore.

  11. What the Hell is going on here? I simply am having a hard time believing that all of these people who have been accused are guilty of what they are accused of. I am starting to wonder if this hasn’t just become a vehicle to get back at someone you have a beef with.

  12. This truly hurt as we have loved Matt for years, but proud of NBC for taking action. At this point I am just hoping that Chris Cuomo is clean for I would be crushed. He is my most favorite news guy!

  13. So Lauer is fired immediately while Franken and Conyers still work in Washington. Good job NBC while Libs support Democratic politicians who attack women with excuses of, “he’s a good guy”, “at least he is coming clean so let’s give him a break” and other weakass, defensive lines. Pathetic.


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