JUST IN: Comedian Louis C.K. has said the sexual misconduct allegations levied against him are true. http://cnn.it/2hiyP2D



  1. Expected nothing less from him. At least he takes the fall and the responsibility. I also think he is not a violent man. He is a disturbed person but not comparable to Weinstein and Spacey. Its wrong but by far not the same level.

  2. At least he was man enough to admit it. Now I could possibly forgive him. Unlike the other pedophiles and perverts and sexual abusers that call their numerous victims liars. To me, that’s like double victimization.

  3. Yes he deserves punishment I totally agree, but at least he confessed unlike all the other monsters. The first step in fixing a problem is admitting you have a problem. Not saying this should earn him any points or anything like that but at least he didn’t try to deny it.

  4. You know…good for him. Do I think its unfortunate and disgusting that it happened. Sure. Do I think he is a “sick” person for committing such acts. Yes. But I do at least give him a small morsel of credit for being honest. His honesty could save his victim(s) from even more pain.

  5. At least he’s taking responsibility- not to condone the behavior. To be fair to men, they have been reared in a culture that has told them it’s ok. This is hands down the right way to handle this…

  6. Hmm…What little (admittedly) I’ve heard of this…CK asks women if he can do his weird little thing.

    That’s getting a bit grey for me as sexual assault.

    As a hetero man, I’ve had gay men (including work colleagues at work) ask me to have sex …and Ive calmly said “Nope dude I’m not gay…and you’re too short for me”….lol.

    I didn’t find it harassment cuz everyone has to make their pitch somehow or there would be no one hooking up.

    So yes he’s crossed some line, but it sounds like it’s not that far past …”Hey – Do you wanna have sex?”

    He didn’t threaten job security or physically touch them …so it’s kooky behaviour, but…

  7. You gotta give him credit for admitting what he did.thats more than most of the others have done.it doesn’t make it better ,but it took guts for a man that has done these things to tell the world the truth.

  8. So a man jacks off in front of a woman, although pretty freaking disgusting, pretty sure you can laugh in their face and walk away. You weren’t held down were you?
    When a man tries to degrade you by masturbating, degrade them right back by laughing and saying something like “I see why you feel the need to masturbate since that tiny thing can’t satisfy anyone, but maybe you shouldn’t be so eager to show that thing off” …and walk away! I bet they don’t embarrass theirself like that again!

  9. I do not condone Louis CK’s action, but at least he did not hide behind the rainbow flag or say it was locker room talk/actions and dismiss it. I think what is required is teaching our sons that such actions are not appropriate.

  10. I really hope the guy gets some help. His career may be completely over but he really has a lot to make up with those that are close to him – family and friends. Get some help Louis C.K.

  11. I can’t believe some of the comments I’m reading here. A murderer who pleads guilty is still a murderer. Should we show ‘respect’ and ‘kudos’ to them? This CK guy got caught and admitted guilt. That doesn’t make him better than Trump, Weinstein or any of the others, it just shows that they are worse than him.


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