In a shocking upset Tuesday night, Democrat Doug Jones was projected to become the US senator-elect for the state of Alabama, defeating embattled Republican Roy Moore.



  1. Meanwhile democrats had to run a smear campaign and bus in illegals to vote. Everyday we learn how desperate democrats are and what extents they will go to, to win. This isnt good for the American people but yet we all know the deep state does not care about the American people.

  2. Alabama you have sold your soul to the devil….. doug Jones didn’t win,sexual princess harassed Roy moore …you campaigned with journactivists at Fnn or cnn fake news…. congratulations to those ladies for opening their legs to the democrates lunatic fringe

  3. You know I watched the Fox News for a few minutes just to see how republicans were holding up with their loss in Alabama, they were crying blood out of their eyes. One of them said, “Alabama, you just let our founding fathers down shame on you”. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. Trump has done a great job effectively destroying the republican party.

  4. The Media pounding actually won this election for Mr. Jones. Mr. Moore was convicted without having had a trial. I’m not saying he didn’t do all the things he was accused of. I am saying none of it has been proven. At least one accuser admitted she falsified her statement and the evidence she provided. This is a slippery slope, friends.

  5. I’m not an American and don’t even want to be one, but I’m following the American politics 24/7 and I’m so glad to hear Jones is the winner. I know how American politics is affecting and having impact in societies over the world since after they voted for tRump

  6. You people are celebrating like your team won the SuperBowl. We’ll let you have your little party since it obviously gives you self esteem. .. But keep in mind something: When you wake up tomorrow, the president will still be republican, the senate will still be controlled by the republicans, the House of representatives will still be controlled by the republicans, and the Wall is still going to get built to keep out scumbags.

  7. Really great night for Republicans. If Moore had won he would be an albatross around the neck of the Senate and the party. We dodged a bullet. As a life-long Republican (at least until they nominated the very definition of RINO for president) and a staunch conservative who believes principles > nation > party. I honestly believe this is a great night for the Republican party and the nation.

  8. #ThankyouAlabama for not making us the morally bankrupted country of the world.
    Trump now has to see that he doesn’t have that pull he THOUGHT he did… THIS is a crushing blow to his ego. 😂
    Now congress men and women will be pulling away from Trump to distance themselves from him.
    The beginning of the end.

  9. Thank you to the black and Latino communities that voted. Without them, he wouldn’t have won. Only 26% of white women voted for Jones but came out in droves for Roy Moore. How disheartening!! Wow!!

  10. As a Republican myself, I am happy that Doug Jones won… My party that I so backed for 35 years seem to be the party of idiots. Congratulations Jones. 2018 can’t get here any quicker. Trump is ruining our great nation and we need to make sure it does not happen.


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