IMDb presents the top 10 stars of Indian Cinema in 2017. Find out who made the list!



  1. Saptam Nandi jo chutiye fake bolrhe hein Yaha tag karna Zara…khud IMDb official page post kia hai yeh 😂 and Tejas Jaiswal Tejas Jayswal bhai woh Praruj Singh ko bolna yeh fan made hai .. Fake hai 😂 IMDb official page v fake hai 🤣🤣
    Sangram Pradhan bhai this is not fake check it
    Harshdeep Singh Harsh Dhage Kripesh Asari

  2. Where is Canadian Lord The Alsi Deshbhak Akshay Kumar 😂 Saaal me 4 movies karta hai Movies ko tax free bhi karwata hai Army Army karta hai… Or kaha hai Hamaare Driver 😂🙈🙈 300 taror Roxxx..

  3. It’s based on IMDb’s page views and the actor’s movie ratings
    And the srk movie’s worldwide earning is much more than that of akki
    And Raees has been highest grossing movie of the year till November

  4. And i hope these wealthy Indian actors will also help build toilets to save their rivers. Bollywood is all about glamour and whitewashing about the true state of the 80% of their population.

  5. SRK –improves the image of country greater than all the actors,taken together.SRK is the only actor who represents country at the highest level – at the level of kings and heads of government-SRK – the only actor, who can talk on equal terms with the intellectuals all the world


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