I recreated my first ever video!! I can’t believe it’s almost 6 years since this all started. I love you forever❤️ youtu.be/K_IO98AxKIM



  1. Carli I ordered your deluxe palette fro BH cosmetics 4 days ago. It said delivery in 2-8 days . So I had it mailed to a house I’m vacationing in . I followed up today to see where my order was and found out that now processing is 4-6 days in addition to the 2-8 days . I was not contacted nor was I advised of this delay . Hopefully I get the palette before I leave . Just wanted you to know about how unsatisfactory one of your business partners is . I would not let them sell your product any more . Keep on doing good Carli …. been with you from the early days 😍

  2. You were the first youtuber I ever watched from makeup to hair to everything makes me so happy seeing you come so far 😭 you’re such an inspiration to me 😭😭😭💕


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