He’s been hunting with his dogs in Greenland his whole life. But these days, there’s a lot less ice for dog sledding. Melting ice is threatening his way of life — but he’s not the only one at risk. cnn.com/greenland



  1. People like hunters know when the environment is changing. Especially the ones who track their game to actuallu survive.

    Don’t believe the big game hunter Trumps because they have guides who take them to the kill shot and don’t track their kill beforehand.

  2. The only constant is change. No one denies climate change. What it means and what to do about it is the debate. 98% of all scientists agree that the redistribution of wealth is not science.

  3. You people do realize that Ice displaces water right? And carbon emissions do have an effect on our ice caps? and Randy you do realize they are called ‘extinction’ events because no one what so ever survives? The Fire Ice cycle ,, I believe to which you are referring to happened before life started it’s long journey to mankind? And you do realize that ninety percent of environmentalist agree on the fact that global warming is being helped by a lot of humans actions? Actions that we can curtail. ?


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