1. Thank you SO MUCH CARLI!!!!…this was a thousand times easier than BH cosmetics that was a horrible experience today….but thank you for being so kind and opening this up for us to purchase through tonight….thank you again god bless love ya girly!!!❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗

  2. Bridget Louise i just bought this im so excited! I’ll show you her first palette so you can see how pigmented and buttery they are!! At its less than $30 australian including international shipping 😍

  3. OMG thank you soooo much!!! I was trying for hours yesterday to place the order from BH Cosmetics and now in only few minutes is done!!!! And i also order the rest of the two bracelets so i will have all of them now!!!!
    Yeahhhhh i am so excited!!!!

  4. I dont know what to do, I paid by paypal for 2 palettes , but didnt recived any order confermation from BH. BH wrote me that they didnt find my order. Please advise… thank you.

  5. will it eventually be back on bh???? i want to order it but after Canadian exchange rate and probably sales and duties charges on it will be like $44.50 on pranava and on bh usually i dont get charged the sales and duties i might wait and hope that it gets put back on bh either way after canadian exchange it’ll be about $35-$40

  6. So FUSTRATED!!! BH COSMETICS TOOK MY MONEY and now there saying there not even saleing your palate!!!! They can easily take your money in seconds and it takes 5 to 7 days to get a refund. So Fustrated

  7. what do you think how long it would take till bh cosmetics refund the money. I don’t know if i should already pre order on the other side or wait till i get the money back:/

  8. Hi hopefully Carli see my comment I need help.. I order my deluxe palette and I just got it 2 day ago but when I open it I realize that is all cracked 😭 I try to contact Pranava beauty but they don’t have a number to contact them so I try BH cosmetics and they gave me an email so I try that but I haven’t get an answer pleases Beauty by Carli Bybel help


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