He was shot and killed by Chicago police in 2014. But that’s just the beginning of this story. #BeneathTheSkin http://cnn.it/2nMEdAY



  1. Many innocent people killed by the cops due to frustration and they say sorry at the end thats it.How many more innocent live take by the police?They are protectors of the citizens by law but killing innocent everyday

  2. If you’re going to be a criminal delinquent then you should at least know your own area and have a little speed to back it up. When a police officer runs you down wearing extra gear and dress shoes then you should maybe think about living a life without crime.

  3. He said what they told me/us at the concealed weapons class, “I was in fear for my life” the instructor told us that was our “get out of jail” line we should always use of we fire our gun & shoot someone. He’s smart. ☹

  4. Well… I live in Brazil and I wish we had a Police like the US. I truly believe the cop attitude was right… inoccent people don’t run away from a police officer. If you had the opportunity to be in my shoes, and live for one day in a country where criminals don’t fear the police anymore, you would be glad to have such brave cops as you do in your country.

  5. I don’t care if you’re black, white, Hispanic, Vietnamese, whatever. If you have time to stand on the corner all day, you have too much time on your hands. Nothing good is going to come out of that. Get yourself a job. Go to school. And if it’s your day off, you should find some other people to hang out with, instead of hanging out with people who hang on the corner all day. NOTHING good will come out of it, innocent or not.

  6. This says a lot to me “During Flores’ investigation, CNN interviewed two men who say they witnessed the shooting first hand. They did not want to show their faces on camera for fear of police retaliation and asked us to change the register of their voices.”

  7. The 2 amendment , “the right to bear arms” is reserved for whites only in America? All races commit crime with guns but a black man with a gun legal or illegal don’t have a prayer. Btw I’m in no way an advocate for guns , as a matter of fact , i honestly believe guns should be abolished. I’m Just saying/ asking, what’s with the double standard ? Whites walk around with guns all the time yet they’re not killed at the same rate . Philando Castile prime example

  8. With so many unarmed people getting shot by cops, it’s hard to take the cop’s word as truth. Look how Walter Scott was gun down. Video clearly show the cop dropped a weapon next to his body.
    Or, the video of Daniel Shaver getting gun down in the hotel hallway. That cop was looking for a reason to kill. So a cop can claim to be in fear of their life and that maybe true. But it’s also used as a cover up as well.

  9. The people whose lives revolve around what race they are are the ones who make the relevance of race follow them through good and bad. To everyone who doesn’t make race the trending topic of the day, that’s who race is irrelevant to. Including when you’re at a traffic stop.

  10. So let me get this right because im black when a white person just jumps out the car points a dangerous weapon at innocent people…..if i run im criminal………or am i protecting my life from a criminal who has given authority to kill……????? So white people lest say thats me jumping out on you with a gun…….


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