Fans Are Divided After Margot Robbie Admitted She Supports Fulham


For some people Margot Robbie is the full package. However, for many British football fans, that package has been torn to shreds.

Some might seek solitude when a celebrity crush or icon reveals they support their football club, but will also be quick to judge when they don’t.

The latter has happened with Robbie, after the Aussie admitted she’s a supporter of none other than… Fulham.

That’s right, rather than immersing herself in the ear-splitting noise of Anfield’s Kop, or witnessing the skills of Paul Pogba at Old Trafford, or indeed admiring the empty seats at the Etihad and the Emirates, she prefers Craven Cottage.

Speaking on Football Focus, she said: “I actually haven’t been to another Fulham game in a while, but I know they’re playing tomorrow against Aston Villa.

“It’s my two best friends – well it’s my husband and my other best friend Josie – Aston Villa is Josie’s team, Fulham is Tom’s team, and they’re going to the game together and it’s very tense already.

“I’ve pledged my allegiance to Fulham, so I want Fulham to win.”

The admission, of course, divided many…

Clearly, Robbie is trying to show her husband that she can show interest in his interest, humouring him with his poxy team as they fight for promotion.

In fairness, The Cottagers managed to squeeze two passed Aston Villa, which takes them a step closer to their goal and a happy Margot Robbie. Unlucky, Josie, whoever you are.

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Chris Ogden

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