Everything we know about Camila’s album. #BillboardNews



  1. Just because Fifth Harmony don’t chart doesn’t mean they can’t sing. They can sing, they have good songs. They just lost lots of fake fans and their management should’ve promoted them like Camila management did. Camila was in multiple, multiple magazine covers, a Sketchers commercial, Bruno Mars tour, etc. Releasing a single two months before the album is horrible promotion. I just see people love hating 5H for no reason. After watching their Tidal interview I don’t understand how they receive so much hate. I love both 5H and Camila, they’re all awesome and have talent.

  2. She’s a whack solo artist… I Think she would’ve gone farther with 5H instead of being a snobby selfish solo artist. Havana oh na na makes absolutely no sense. But best wishes to her. Still a fan of 5H… Camila not so much!! 👎👎👎👎


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