Did Selena Gomez lip-sync? Maybe she just wanted to sound good for you, good for you, oh-ooh.



  1. Ohhhh stop all the artist use lip sync why everyone talk about Selena I don’t care what people think I love what I see she have not easy year and she do what she could Sel I always support you no matter what 💕💕💕💕💕💕

  2. SO WHAT ABOUT LP So someone tell me why did the Mike an the Guys go kick out HUHU I was so mad when that happen. Then watched the video Mike post is just wrong Let’s nominate them give them a reward and kick them out Bull crap

  3. She just had a kidney transplant literally 2 months ago…if there’s someone who should be cut some slack on the subject, it’s her. What about that boyband that obviously lipsyned their entire performance? I haven’t heard a word on them.

  4. Kidney transplants are no walk in the park people plus you are on all sorts of medication so you don’t reject your kidney so just settle down and give her some space! I was surprised she was being thrown around and pulled!!! She looked exhausted!!


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