Daviess Co. family’s curling video goes viral


As American athletes go for gold in South Korea, a Daviess County family is a big winner on social media, with a video getting millions of views from around the world.


“It’s been kind of surreal,” says Tara Groves, who was the sweeper in the ten second video posted on Facebook this past weekend.


For Groves and Debbie Connor, the clip of their family curling with a Roomba and a Swiffer broom, brought days worth of attention.


“We thought it was hilarious and we wanted to show it to our friends and family,” Groves recalled. “22 million views later, we didn’t know it was going to go viral.”


“I was at a customers of mine, and she showed me the video. It was her best friend’s daughter,” says Terri Hedges of Owensboro. “It was hilarious.”


More than 22 million views as of Wednesday afternoon, and hundreds of thousands of comments from around the world. 


“We also have a lot of people commenting from Brazil, Australia, all around the US,” Groves says.


“It’s like a marquee. It just keeps going so fast. It’d be like one name and then 1500 comments at a time,” adds Connor. “I think it’d take me the rest of my life to read those comments.” The only thing that happened as fast as this clip was the idea for it. Connor says the idea came up just minutes after watching curling on TV.


“My Mom started making jokes, ‘Y’all should make a video, you and your husband should make a video of you sweeping and curling.’ I was, like, ‘No, I don’t know.’ And then it just happened,” Groves recalled.


“We couldn’t believe 88 of our friends thought it was funny, and we just laughed all day,” says Connor. “It just kept getting funnier and funnier the more people looked at it.”


Connor and Groves say there aren’t any set plans now for future clips, but they are enjoying their brief moment of glory.


“I think we won gold at that,” says Connor.


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(This story was originally published on Feb. 14, 2018)

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