Curling event in living room in viral video


The Winter Olympics might be officially underway in Pyeongchang, South Korea, but one Kentucky woman  brought the action right to their living room.

Debbie Connor recently took to Facebook to post a video of her and her relatives having their own curling match. Curling involves players sliding stones across ice as their teammates use brooms to alter the surface to move the stones closer to the checkpoint.

With the help of an iRobot vacuum and broom, Connor’s clip shows her and her family pushing the broom back and forth as the vacuum glides across the floor. 

The 10-second upload quickly went viral, garnering more than 250,000 shares and nearly 16 million views within just two days. 

She wasn’t the only one emulating the Olympians. Another Facebook user posted a video of the United States Navy giving the game a try. 

And a few others practiced their skills in the hallways and kitchens of their homes. 

The first events, ski jumping and curling, kicked off Thursday, Feb. 8, and the games end on Feb. 25 when the closing ceremony will be held.

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