Bella Thorne and Patrick Schwarzenegger navigate young love in the new trailer for Midnight Sun 👉



  1. In the end the relationship won’t work out and she’ll get ripped apart in wood chipper. And when he’s asked how the break up went he’ll be like “She was really cut up about it!” or something. He’ll make his father proud.

  2. Three things from this
    One: he is the son of the the most famous action star in the world ?! Cue Arnold jokes like get to the chopper
    Two: she has the name of British reality star who is a complete utter twat.

    Three: I feel like I have watched this four hundred times already

  3. Go watch the original Japanese movie, it’s way better than this awful remake that tries to be another The Fault in our Stars with the overrated b’s Bella “who can’t act” Thorne.

  4. I know this is all about making people emotional but come on. This trailer even showed us it’s going to work out and even if it didn’t how can you really love somebody and get stoped by something like that?


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